MeSU Platform

MeSU technological platform, managed by the service unit, provides to researchers and students of the university a complete infrastructure for achieving computation, data processing and storage.


MeSU Supercomputer is made of high-performance devices assembled to address numerical simulation and intensive computing needs. This service is available on request.
User documentation is available on the following webpage.

Virtualization Environment

The virtualization environment allows the hosting of Linux virtual machines. These can be used to deploy user portals and scientific applications linked to the other computing and storage components of the platform. This service is available on request.

Data Storage

in addition to the storage dedicated to the supercomputer and the virtualization environment, MeSU platform offers a data storage facility of more than 400 TB for all kind of scientific data. This storage is available on request.


Conforming to Sorbonne University platforms rules, MeSU services are billable to internal and external entities of the university.

The following table summarizes the base fee for each service of the platform. Whatever your need, we invite you to contact us to get a customized quotation.

ServiceSU FeePublic Fee (out of SU)Enterprise Fee
Supercomputing : one hour-core0,002 € *0,01 €0,06 €
Cloud-Hosting : one virtual core for one year146 €219 €438 €
Stockage : one Tera-byte for one year146 €292 €584 €
Engineering : 1 day consulting 420 €672 €1680 €

*Each member of Sorbonne Université is entitled to a free yearly 30’000 hours-core grant.
 Above a yearly consumption of 30’000 hours-core, the displayed fee shall apply.

These fees were ruled by a decision made on July 18th 2022.