What are MeSU platform and MeSU Supercomputer ?

MeSU platform is a collection of IT resources and expertise managed by SACADO service unit in order to support Sorbonne Université research communities in their computing and data processing activities.

One of the tool is MeSU Supercomputer, a High Performance Computing system used to perform numerical simulation, intensive computing, etc.

Who is eligible to use MeSU Supercomputer ?

Please refer to the account creation page on SACADO website to know if you are eligible.

How much does the service cost ?

Please consult the latest price table on SACADO website.

How should I acknowledge MeSU Supercomputer in a paper ?

Here is the acknowledgement we advice to use :
« This work was granted access to the HPC resources of the SACADO MeSU platform at Sorbonne Université. » or
« The simulations were performed on the SACADO MeSU platform at Sorbonne Université. »

Please let us know when your paper is accepted and published so we can add it to our collection.

Computing on MeSU Platform

What is a High-Performance Computer?

A High-Performance Computer (or Supercomputer) is a set of high-end resources dedicated to intensive computations and data processing.

What operating system runs on MeSU Supercomputer ?

See the following page :  presentation of MeSU

Is there a difference between MeSU-beta and MeSU-gamma ?

Yes , these two sets of resources correspond are fit for different kind of workloads and computation.
See the following page :  presentation of MeSU

How to sign up for a computing account ?

Please visit the account creation page on SACADO website.

What does a computing account give me access to ?

A computing account gives you access to all computing resources of the supercomputer, that includes each computing system and its storage.

How can I change/reset my password ?

To change your password, refer to the instructions we sent you at the time of your account creation.
To recover your password, please contact us by email.

My account is deactivated/suspended ? How can I reactivate it?

Please follow the account creation/renewal process on the website.

Are my data protected ?

User data are kept isolated from others. With our Linux systems, another user cannot see nor access your program and data.
IT experts insure data integrity through various security measures.

Are my data backed up ?

There is currently no backups for your data.

Do I have quotas to respect ?

Yes, concerning the home directory  which is subject to a disk quota of 40 GB. When the home directory disk quota is exceeded, users will have their oldest files tagged for deletion and the latter will be completed at the specified date. Data files stored in the work directory will be erased 3 months after their last access, modification or creation.

Technical issues

I have never used supercomputer before. Is there support ?

Yes, we can help you getting started. In addition, you’ll find a quickstart guide and usage  information on this website.

Where can I ask a technical question or send a software installation request ?
(troubles to run/compile a program, performance issue, etc.)

For all your technical request, you can contact us directly by email or by using the contact form.

How many jobs can I submit ?

Currently, you can submit up to 512 jobs at the same time.

Useful commands

How can I see my space disk ?

The command line  quota -u -s username  gives you your disk occupation and limits in human readble format

How do I know that my job is running ?

With the command line you can see your job status qqueue  -u + username  if you see the letter:

  • R it will means that your job is running
  • H it will means that your job is on hold
  • PD it will means that your jobs is queued and pending

How can I delete a job ?

The command line qdel  myjobID will allow you to delete your jobs

Why did my job failed ?

The command line qstat -f  myjobID  will give you the reason why your job failed

Is it possible to locate my job ?

The command line qqueue -j myjobID  will show to which nodes your jobs went