Created in 2021, SACADO service unit follows up the computing platform effort previously lead by the DSI and ISCD (Institut des Sciences du Calcul et des Données). Its creation has been motivated by the massive growth of simulation, data processing & storage needs within the research community.


The missions of the service unit consist in :

  • Make accessible and increase the availability of computing and data-processing resources and expertise ;
  • Promote good practices in the use of computing and data-processing resources ;
  • Guide users in the evolution of techniques and technologies ;
  • Contribute to develop and add value to scientific production ;
  • Link and enliven research communities within Sorbonne-Université and bridge with other communities networks.

In order to achieve these missions, the service unit works with Sorbonne-Université DSI, DLM and BSU.
It also interacts directly with researchers, students, and works jointly with ISCD, SCAI and SUMMIT service unit.


The SACADO service unit is managed by Nicolas BENOIT.
The system administrator is Alexandre BRECHT.

One position is currently open : we are looking for a Linux system administrator that wants to gain experience in the HPC domain.